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We supply complete systems from processing to storing recovered material. Our machines and plants can be designed for all of the areas of application in conveying and sorting different materials, as well as simultaneously extracting valuable materials.

The residues from incineration plants or power plants contain a wide variety of metals and very valuable metals. To separate them from the material flow, the material is classified into different fractions, known as sieve cuts. The material is treated according to grain size. Coarse sieve cuts usually involve magnetic separation of ferrous metals, using an overbelt magnet and manual sorting of various valuable materials.

The recovered iron metal can be sold directly or further processed by a shredder.

The average-sized particles are fed to a magnetic separation machine equipped with overbelt magnets or drum magnets. Equipped with the strongest neodymium magnets, drum magnets ensure that even the smallest magnetic metal parts are removed.

The subsequent separation of non-ferrous metals is carried out by our highly efficient eddy current separators.

With the IMRO cascading separation, the use of a second non-ferrous separator additionally generates up to 40% more non-ferrous metals.

A sensor machine removes stainless steels contained in the material flow. The sensors accurately detect the metals in the material flow and remove them with targeted surges of compressed air which only last a few milliseconds.

The sensor-based IMRO machines DSS are used for optimal stainless steel separation in IBA recycling.

The fine grain fraction is treated similarly to the mid-sized fraction. Depending on the desired result, the NE separator is preceded by overbelt magnets or neodymium magnetic drums.

Our IMRO eddy current separators, designed for the finest particle sizes, meet the particularly high demands of non-ferrous separation in the recycling business. The eccentric magnet system, as well as the patented infinitely adjustable pole drum separate grain sizes of under one millimeter.