IMRO Recycling Systems - industrial and household waste

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We supply complete systems from processing to storing recovered material. Our machines and plants can be designed for all of the areas of application in conveying and sorting different materials, as well as simultaneously extracting valuable materials.

Recycling ​​industrial and household waste presents stringent requirements for both conveying and sorting technology. The vast range of the material, its changing basic composition, as well as fluctuating humidity are criteria that make this sorting task extremely demanding.

All of the components of a sorting system designed for recycling industrial and household waste must be adaptable accordingly and particularly rugged. In conveyor technology, our reliable patented wrap protection helps prevent unwanted downtime.

At the beginning of a sorting process, the material is always shredded to prepare it for further processing. Shredding is followed by an initial magnetic separation using overbelt magnets to remove coarse iron parts.

Further sorting processes include screening, air classification and an even finer metal separation using magnetic tape rolls or magnetic drums.

Eddy current separators are used to separate non-ferrous metals from the material flow. The finer the grain of metal to be recovered, the more efficient the pole drum systems that are in operation.

Here our patented solution for infinitely adjustable pole drums offers great advantages. The pole drum can be adjusted very accurately to maximize the degree and effect of separation during sorting.

Tetra-Pak material, plastics, paper and cardboard can also be separated from the material flow as needed using NIR sensor technology. After an initial metal separation, a metal sensor machine is used to generate a final separation of residual metal, consisting largely of stainless steel.