IMRO Recycling Systems - metal recycling

Maximum recovery of recyclable materials - IMRO Maschinenbau - Europe´s sorting and conveying experts

We supply complete systems from processing to storing recovered material. Our machines and plants can be designed for all of the areas of application in conveying and sorting different materials, as well as simultaneously extracting valuable materials.

Effective metal recycling begins with magnetic separation. Magnetic metals are separated from the material flow using overbelt magnets, magnetic tape reels and magnetic drums. Further processing is usually not necessary.

Residual metals that are still in the material flow are recovered using eddy current separators.

Metals up to a size of just under one millimeter are recovered by eccentric IMRO Non-ferrous separators and their patented adjustable pole drums.

Residual stainless steels which are left over after a magnetic separation can be recovered using our sensor sorting systems. The stainless steels are detected by electromagnetic sensors and are discharged by air nozzles. What´s more, using further sensor technology allows for different types of metals to be detected and separated from each other.

The recovery of metals from incinerator, shredder and domestic and industrial waste is good business: the higher the purity of the material at the end, the higher the value of the material. Our decades of experience contribute greatly to the success of recovering your valauable material.