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We supply complete systems from processing to storing recovered material. Our machines and plants can be designed for all of the areas of application in conveying and sorting different materials, as well as simultaneously extracting valuable materials.

The processes used in plastics recycling differ considerably from each other, depending on the input material and the desired final result. If residual metals are still present, for example, it may be appropriate to use an overbelt magnet for coarse sorting. When only minimal amounts of residual ferrous metals are present, a suspended permanent magnet is the most economical alternative for coarse sorting.

Fine sorting of ferrous metals is carried out using powerful magnetic tape reels or drum magnets. These devices are equipped with the strongest neodymium magnets, ensuring that even the smallest parts are safely removed.

If it is necessary to separate non-ferrous metals from the material, it is worth using an eddy current separator.

A sensor machine is indispensable for recovering stainless steels. In a sensor machine, metals are accurately detected and removed by surges of compressed air.

Appropriate sensor technology reliably detects and separates plastics and other materials.