IMRO Contact Names and Information

Maximum recovery of recyclable materials – IMRO Maschinenbau – Europe's conveying and sorting experts

Telephone: +49 (0) 98 48 - 97 97-0 (GMT+1)

Position Name E-Mail
Company Management Manfred Ingrisch
Company Management Reinhard Ott
Sales Michael Gundel
Sales Christian Wagner
Sales USA Luis Orbezo
Technical Design Gunnar Assel
Technical Design Michael Roßkopf
Technical Design Andreas Hein
Technical Design Uwe Bößendörfer
Technical Design Andrea Ingrisch
Technical Design Christian Pehl
Technical Design Andre Ott
Technical Design Julian Blaß
Documentation, Spare Parts Andreas Friedl
Documentation, Spare Parts Stephan Ingrisch
Manufacturing Demian Dornberger
Manufacturing Bernd Markert
Accounting, Human Resources Gaby Ott
Accounting Doris Pehl
Accounting Jennifer Ingrisch