IMRO and Fercell Engineering Ltd.

FERCELL and IMRO, two entirely independent recycling equipment manufacturers, have entered into an engineering joint venture for the purpose of covering the entire spectrum of the recycling industry: materials handling, materials separation and recovery. We would be pleased to demonstrate what FERCELL and IMRO, individually and jointly, are equipped to do for you.

FERCELL Engineering Ltd. is the recycling specialist for the most up-to-date materials recovery in Great Britain. FERCELL designs, plans and manufactures all components required for recycling. Their consulting is based on broad experience in materials separation, resulting in material-specific designed processes and plants, achieving their clients' objective of effective recovery of recyclables.

IMRO Maschinenbau GmbH represents Europe's foremost recycling innovator, integrating advanced materials handling, and separating and sorting processes. With more than 20 years' industry experience, IMRO has successfully developed trend-setting methods for maximum reliability and efficiency. Its success has been largely achieved through sensor-supported sorters into ferrous and non-ferrous, through X-ray detection as well as an array of products recovery through magnetic separation and, last but not least, a complete selection of high performance materials handling equipment for standard and heavy-duty applications.

At its own Testing Centre IMRO thoroughly tests all process phases with respect to economy of materials recovery. Know-how and experience guide the design of all the equipment used in the Test Centre, which is exclusively manufactured in the Uffenheim IMRO manufacturing centre.

There is a constant and strategic exchange of information between FERCELL and IMRO, resulting in a cohesive concept in which all the necessary functions interconnect efficiently and smoothly. There is no doubt: This unique collaboration will provide benefits for our customers and the recycling industry.

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