IMRO know-how – recycling plants for more metals, plastics, wood, textiles and rubber

Maximum recovery of recyclable materials – IMRO Maschinenbau – Europe's sorting and conveying experts

Your partner in facility construction: With IMRO great things lie ahead.

We develop productive ways to achieve high-quality IBA recycling. IMRO is a plant manufacturer specialising in vertical integration in IBA recycling plants. Being a manufacturer of single machines for the recycling industry, as well as being a full-service supplier of entire recycling plants, IMRO has expert knowledge in dealing with critical components of IBA processing plants.

Two good reasons why your plant profits from using IMRO technology:

1. Achieve the highest possible yield of metals
2. Access high availability in plant technology

You will achieve this with:

IMRO Magnetic Separators and IMRO NE-Separators
IMRO's experience and high levels of vertical integration in plant engineering

IMRO increases your recycling output