RecycleTower by IMRO – a completely vertical recycling solution

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Power without performance loss – the mobile IMRO RecycleTower

The mobile IMRO Recycle Tower is a concept which ensures and quickly achieves high plant performance while reducing costs at the same time, not to mention the significant savings gained in energy usage. In view of the steadily increasing waste disposal needs of municipalities and countries, the mobile recycling plant IMRO RecycleTower boasts a promising and efficient alternative for rewilding and restoring landfills.

A compact solution that competently performs all the necessary processes, the IMRO Recycle Tower features modularly designed, scalable and tailor-made recycling equipment for landfill mining. Everything is available from a single source. In this way, the profits from recycling contribute significantly to the costs of restoring landfills.

We enhance your recycling processes

The mobile IMRO-RecycleTower represents a revolutionary recycling system in which the various recycling work processes or steps are arranged one above the other. This system features significant cost savings and energy savings and greatly reduces space requirements, delivering optimal results and maximum profit. Between the individual processes, the materials are transported by means of gravitational force in the shaft systems to the next machines carrying out the subsequent work steps. Spilled material is thrown down into designated containers.
In recent years, not only has the awareness of the value of secondary raw materials grown enormously, but so have the demands for secondary raw materials. Our answer to these demands is a space-saving solution, the IMRO RecycleTower, boasting a modular system that can be customised according to requirements.