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Featuring a complete range of technical ingenuity, RecycleCraft by IMRO is the name of the all-in-one package game changer that is meeting the growing recycling market demands for top-quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.

IMRO's core competence in recycling plants and technical expertise increase your productivity: We deliver peak values in terms of effectively processing recycling material. This means achieving consistent recycling output levels and maximum load capacity of machines and equipment, as well as providing versatile modular assemblies.

Economical RecycleCraft machines and equipment for outstanding performance

When it comes to developing cutting-edge technological solutions, our benchmarks are maintaining cost effectiveness and meeting the dynamic requirements of future recycling markets. Having IMRO as your partner in ferrous, non-ferrous and sensor separation, as well as in conveyor technology, you have access to the wealth of our technical experience and expertise. Our recycling technology is characterised by high-performance machines and equipment: The large number of machines available boast a wide range of applications.

Take advantage of tried-and-tested IMRO technology to benefit from a wide range of applications, featuring durable, high-quality components for reliable use, intelligent control systems for process visualisation, leading maintenance systems and much more.

IMRO increases your recycling output