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The IMRO Purifying System is designed to perfectly synchronise the target-oriented use of all our machines and components. By means of the IMRO Maschinenbau recycling processes can be designed excellently. We are your specialists for the best separation and conveyor technology. At our company that means: purifying system. From the first idea to the turnkey solution, we do not build any machine or plant, but precisely yours. On the highest level in terms of technology and quality, exactly designed for your individual requirements.

Often the most valuable material lies in secrecy. Thanks to expertise, skills and the new IMRO Purifying System, you get on its track significantly more easily. IMRO increases the recycling output. By means of systems and components which promise you distinctly higher recycling efficiency. The optimum prerequisites for the most demanding separation tasks. For a maximum output when recycling PET, non-ferrous metals, metals, bottom ash and more.





Optimum material distribution

If material flows come from narrower aggregates or are fed at right angle, IMRO material distributors are used to distribute the material flow across the entire width of the non-ferrous separator.

Splitter calibration with millimetric laser system.
The perfect solution for a high purity non-ferrous (NFE) fraction.

For NFE fines separation, the exact uniform distance between the splitter and the eddy current field is of major importance
The uniform distance of the splitter to the eddy current field can be checked with the laser calibration system and is easily adjustable

IMRO cleaning system with eccentric and variable permanent magnetic belt pulleys

The magnetic conveyor belt pulley can be continuously adjusted to your needs. The setting ranges from completely deactivated to the separation performance of a strong neodymium belt pulley.

> For more output or a cleaner ferrous fraction
> Visualization of the magnet system position
> Adjustment of the orientation of the magnet system
> Adjustment of eccentric position

Incinerator Bottom Ash Recycling

Incinerator Bottom Ash Recycling

PET Recycling
PET Flakes

PET Recycling

Auto Shredder Residue

Auto Shredder Residue