Stainless steel separation - IMRO RCSS - extreme strengths for maximum performance

Maximum recovery of recyclable materials - IMRO Maschinenbau - Europe´s sorting and conveying experts

The stainless steel separator IMRO RCSS is a sophisticated system that can separate slightly magnetic steels and stainless steels by means of highest magnetic field strength. An optimum adjustment to the material to be sorted is possible by means of variable belt speed and adjustable material divider. As a result, this machine is appropriate for almost all stainless steel applications and allows a method unrivalled so far for sorting stainless steel, with the operating costs being very low at the same time. This machine unfolds its full impact in case a ferrous separation is mounted upstream.

  • Magnetic pulley with highest field strength
  • Dust trap to keep inner belt and magnetic system clean
  • Belt drive with integrated frequency converter for easy integration and commissioning
  • Quick tensioning device for belt and belt change traverse for easy maintenance
  • Optional belt brush cleaning device
  • Lighting inside the discharge hood
  • Infinitely variable divider