Your smallest fractions are our business – IMRO increases your recycling output

Maximum recovery of recyclable materials – IMRO Maschinenbau – Europe's sorting and conveying experts

Sophisticated systems for dry sorting, separating and conveying ensure that your valuable materials are successfully recovered. The IMRO product portfolio boasts ideal components for reliable separation technology. Our machines and equipment are in operation where very high recovery quotas and high levels of purity are required.

Aluminium Recycling

Electronic Waste Recycling

Shredder Scrap Recycling

IBA Recycling


All of our conveyor components, as well as our customised separation technologies, can be easily integrated into your applications. The best thing is: IMRO recycling technology makes it possible to tailor recycling processes to the material which is being recycled. This customisation provides a task-specific design, enhancing returns on valuable material recovery.