IMRO Test Centre - the first step towards profitability

Maximum recovery of recyclable materials – IMRO Maschinenbau - Europe's sorting and conveying experts

Would you like to know which impurities and valuables are in your material flow? If this is the case, then bring it to our Test Centre and have it analysed. We have over 30 years of experience in the recycling industry and would be pleased to assist you.

In the IMRO Test Centre, you are taking the first step in achieving economy and value recovery. We will demonstrate the capability of RecycleCraft sorters and conveyors and the coordinated interaction of all RecycleCraft equipment.

Our expertise and experience underlie the design of all of the Test Centre equipment, which is manufactured exclusively in the IMRO manufacturing centre in Uffenheim. In this way we ensure maximum recovery is achieved throughout the entire process.

IMRO increases the efficiency of your recycling systems – IMRO is a specialist in connecting other processes and applications

Metering Bunkers

Ferrous Separation 1

All Metal Separation

Ferrous Separation 2

Non-ferrous Separation

Sensor-based Separation